Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Approaching the Anniversary of Taliana's Death

Gifts and drifts.  It's been 362 days since my best friend of 17 years passed away.  I'm not really sure what "goodbye" means anymore.  I feel the need to make her presence more real than ever, and also the need to live fully without her, like she'd want.  Here is a poem that I needed to write.  She was an awesome poet, and I know she would smile at this.  I think I am going to share her poetry with others in the future.  I have poems we wrote in high school!  She was one of the most gifted people I've ever met.  A bit of trivia that helps explain the poem-- she was also my piercing buddy, year after year...after year!  <3

For Taliana, my Forever Sister:

I wish time could stop ticking.  I wish the world would stop spinning.  It is all because of you.  You have vanished, yet pulled me through.  Had you never graced my life, I might never have shined my light.  17 years you helped me learn, held my torch so I could burn.  Soul mate sisters never die. You are in me as I cry.  We always said that whoever left first would leave a barren spot on earth.  So I walk here on my own, scared and wary of the unknown.  Since we are so strong, we knew paradise all along.  I can not help but to think that at last you reached the brink.  You are finally free from terror, and can see hope in the mirror.  I will battle on for life, knowing you are my delight.  We will feel the piercer's needle in your ashes and my cradle.  As the clock just keeps on ticking, we will know we are bewitching.

For anyone who believes in energy flow, please send some metta (loving energy) our way.  I feel grateful for all I have, will not take it for granted, and know with certainty that you are a part of it.